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New Book "Proverbs For Preparation" Helps You Plan For Tomorrow Instead Of Worrying About Today

It always starts with a simple question...

"Tell me again why you're doing that?"

The voice asking the question is loaded with doubt, skepticism, and a suspicion you've lost your mind. It belongs to your neighbors, co-workers, close friends, relatives – even your spouse!

As you start to explain yourself – to express why being prepared for hard times is a logical, natural response to the world around you – it's clear they're not really listening. You might as well be talking to the wall.

Week after week… month after month… year after year… there's no letting up. Active preparers have to listen to the doubtful voice of the modern world day-in and day-out. That voice has one purpose – to get you to give up on getting off-the-grid and be like everybody else.

Unfortunately, being like everybody else means being utterly unprepared for tomorrow, much less the distant future.

The trouble is that most Americans now expect someone else to take care of their problems. Take the more than 67 million Americans who receive some form of handout from the government these days – they expect those checks to keep coming forever. And, according to mainstream thinking, that's just the way things should be.

Government is supposed to take care of you… you're not supposed to be taking care of yourself.

Go against the grain and you make yourself a target. You'll get strange looks, questions, and constant pressure to stop rocking the boat.

Fight Back Against The Control Grid!

The pressure to conform in modern culture is so strong that resisting means you must make continual, conscious choices to act independently. It takes time, energy, and awareness that what you're doing is for the best, even when it seems like the whole world is against you.

That's not entirely an illusion. Conforming to "social norms" has always been a part of helping societal systems function smoothly. However, read the news for an hour or two and you'll quickly realize the system is clearly broken – but the pressure to obey social norms remains, drilled into us from birth by our parents, our peers, and our schools.

Our culture teaches us to be obedient conformers, even if it means being wrong. Psychologist Samuel Asch proved this decades ago using pictures of long lines and short lines. Subjects in a crowd just had to identify the correct matching lines – but everyone else in the room was secretly instructed to give the wrong answer. Faced with a choice between the truth as shown by their own eyes or the group's "approved" answer… most people agreed with the group.

That's the power you're up against when you choose to be different. You make things uncomfortable by thinking independently and questioning the rules. The world prefers it when you just go along with what you're told.

Why Almost Everybody Is Dead Wrong 

About Living On The Grid!

Yes, you can "go along to get along" to escape the pressure and ridicule our society heaps on those who dare to be different. That's an option.

A better option is to stand strong. You're not the first down this road.

Noah was the first active preparer on record to get grief for his choices. It wasn't raining when he started building the ark – and conventional wisdom said the flood was just a figment of his imagination. Noah's friends, neighbors, and relatives visited him daily to encourage him to stop his nonsense, live in the moment, abandon his personal convictions, and give up his hard work to relax.

He didn't give up, and neither should you. Fighting back against conformity culture is the only way to be sure that when the future shows up, you're ready for it.

Noah Definitely Went Off The Grid

It's not easy – not in Noah's day, and certainly not now. Mainstream media channels glorify a playboy life and behaving like tomorrow is never going to come. Official news sources report our world leaders responding to global crises by kicking the can down the road again and again. The one thing these zombies believe most is that the "day of reckoning" will never arrive!

In a world like this, you have to work hard to stay the course. You have to endure the constant pressure of the world telling you to give up and go with the flow, making it more important than ever to regularly rekindle that  inner fire, that still small voice that tells you something's terribly wrong and that you should do everything you can to getting ready for what you know is coming. Hard times. That's why we all need...

Spiritual Ammunition For Fighting
 The Good Fight!

Your spirit gets worn down dealing with mainstream minds day after day. These people are more than happy to tear you down in their own ignorance about what's ahead, and it takes a toll. You need the power of a like-minded soul to bring you back up.

Finding a voice that shares your views is critical for holding fast to your convictions about preparing for the future. An ally on your side can make all the difference in your outlook and your success as an independent thinker:

  • Even one person who agrees with you can drop crowd conformity levels from 97% to 36% in visual judgment tasks
  • An ally makes it 35% more likely you'll commit to quality outcomes and 28% more likely you regularly progress on your goals
  • A supportive voice boosts self-confidence, which correlates with more non-conformist behaviors
  • A sense of belonging is defined by psychologists as a fundamental human need critical to emotional well-being

When you are snubbed by the world or made to feel invisible by the mainstream morons who dominate America's superficial culture, you need somewhere to turn. You have to spend time in a community of like minds, with others who understand what you face and support you no matter what.

In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. - Albert Schweitzer

You need to have that spark to rekindle your inner flame – a constant companion you can always have by your side.

A New Book For People Who Want To Inspire Themselves And Their Families To Win At The Game Of Getting Ready!  

Proverbs for Preparation was written by an active preparer who walks the same hard path you do. There's no hype and no fluff – this is real, thoughtful, and meaty inspiration for people who deal with doubters every day.

Each chapter is designed to tackle a challenge you face and give you the mental tools you need to recharge and rise above. As you turn the pages, you will find more than 200 inspirational quotes surrounded by practical advice, real-world examples, and easy to follow commentary on everything from overcoming failure to fighting fear and building faith.

In your copy of Proverbs for Preparation you will find the encouragement and inspiration you need for:

  • Surviving Our Superficial Culture:You may be surrounded by a shallow, material world, but you don't have to keep that mindset for yourself! Instead, discover how less can be more – much more.
  • Overcoming Failure: If success was assured… if life was easy… if reality was suspended… you face challenges that can be overwhelming, but they don't have to be permanently crushing. Boost your spirits and embrace a "Carpe Diem" mentality.
  • Building Wealth: Practical wealth-building is possible on even the smallest of budgets with habits proven to work in the pre-Christian era, and you can feel wealthy even without significant material goods and possessions if you have the insight to see what forms of wealth really matter.
  • Fighting Fear: The world of "What if..." holds many fearful surprises. They can be crippling if you're not equipped for fighting fear, but even timid souls can fight back against false and disabling fears by adopting the right thinking ways outlined here.
  • Facing Ridicule: Noah was hardly the first to be mocked, and he certainly won't be the last. How can you stand up to those who put you down? Where can you find the strength to hold onto your convictions, even when others disagree?
  • Managing Relationships: Isolation is not the answer for any of us, but friends, neighbors, and family members can bring frustration as well as joy. You can embrace the best side of those near you and learn how to build, treasure, and maintain meaningful relationships.
  • Finding Peace Through Preparation: Being ready is a physical task with significant mental benefits. Do you find peace through preparation now, and how can you use preparation to give yourself the inner peace you deserve?
  • Staying The Course:  Endurance is not just for marathon runners – you also need it to fight our "just give up" and "slacker" society. The Chinese say a journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step… but you know it continues with the second. How do you keep taking those little steps?
  • Resting in Faith:  While it may seem that preparation is a long and lonely path, the truth is you are never alone. As someone who has prepared faithfully, you have a life that can be filled with eternal hope for the future. God's guidance is there for you if you seek it, lightening your load and smoothing your way through this earthly life.

Every section in this book is designed to provide you with just the right words to build yourself up when the world wants to beat you back into mindless submission. You can fight our conformist culture and strengthen your soul by ordering a copy of Proverbs for Preparation and reading it often.

Get a copy of Proverbs for Preparation to keep at your bedside table, in your desk at work, and in the car. Put one anyplace you find the voice of the world pushing you to give up or give in. Have a voice of reason and the wisdom of the ages on your side every time and any time you need reassurance, comfort, or inspiration to continue being a smart, prepared soul.

Why endure one more sarcastic voice or cutting comment without the mental and spiritual power to recharge? Why let yourself be surrounded only by the voices of doubters? Get the ultimate handbook for active and faithful preparers now and rekindle your inner "get ready" fire today.


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P.S. Proverbs for Preparation is 172 pages of what you need to read regularly to keep yourself on track and feeling good about life – the honest voice of a fellow active preparer waiting to help you on your journey through the prepared, yet balanced life. Get your copy now.

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